M.I.A. – Born Free

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So this new M.I.A. video is pretty violent. I like the punk feel of the song, but I’m still unsure about how I feel about her vocals on the track. NSFW


5 Shows in 5 Nights

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Monday, March 29th – The XX w/ jj and Nosaj Thing @ Sanctuary of the Church

Nosaj Thing – WOW! Killer DJ!
jj = lame, maybe if I was in the mood to be lulled to sleep
The XX – sounded EXACTLY like their album, so not great but not bad either

Tuesday, March 30th – The Soft Pack @ Johnny Brenda’s

These guys were fun for sure! Great fuzzy,catchy tunes. Parasites was my fave song they played of the night.


Wednesday, March 31st – Fanfarlo @ the Sanctuary of the First Unitarian Church

An acquaintance of mine described them perfectly, “The poor man’s Arcade Fire”-JerseyDan

Thursday, April 1st – Nada Surf @ the Church

I’m sorry did someone get stuck in the 90’s? Oh wait, riiiiight, that was you Nada Surf. I don’t get the following, but if you want to know what the 90’s felt and sounded like go see Nada Surf.

Friday, April 2nd – Major Lazer @ Starlight Ballroom

Dance Paaarrrttaaayyy!! I’ve seen Major Lazer before and Diplo’s shows are always a fun time. This one was no exception. “WE PARTY EVERY DAY! WE PARTY EVERY DAY!” ‘Nuff said!

WHEW! I was exhausted by the end of that week!

Miike Snow…WHAT??!!

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Saw Miike Snow at the TLA in Philly on Thursday, March 25th. It was AMAZING!! One of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time and so much fun! You will dance, dance, dance!! Check it!

UNKLE and The Black Angels!

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I love The Black Angels and I’m so happy to hear this collaboration!

My Love Affair with Plants & Animals

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Plants and Animals - JB's 2/2/09

A quiet Monday night after a huge snowstorm hit the Northeast, I walked into the cozy and familiar territory of Johnny Brenda’s to see Montreal based band Plants and Animals. I don’t think I could have asked for a more perfect Monday night show. On Monday, March 2nd I went through all the emotions of love and heartache with Plants and Animals. Let me first say that their album Parc Avenue, as much as I love this album, does not do justice to their live act. I still highly recommend it and suggest listening to it from beginning to end over and over again.

As they began, an excitement overcame me. Warren Spicer’s voice blew me away. It was the beginning of our relationship, the new and exciting part of getting to know someone and realizing how truly fantastic they are. I fell in love during the appropriately named “New Kind Of Love.” The quality of Spicer’s voice is so lush that it carries you through the evening, like the arms of your lover wrapping around you and holding you tight.

During “Faerie Dance” and “Feedback in the Field” I knew I never wanted to see them go. The show was so intimate, it felt as though they were playing in my living room or bedroom for me and only me. I’ve stated this before, but whenever I see a band play and realize I never want the show to end it means they’re amazing in my eyes. Plants and Animals captured my heart and I didn’t want them to ever let go.

As they sang “Bye Bye Bye,” the song that got me interested in them, I knew our relationship was coming to an end. We had to part ways soon, our whirlwind romance was over. The encore was “Guru/Sinnerman” and what a fantastic way to end the evening, even though it meant they had to break my heart by ending the show. It was a 12-minute encore that celebrated the fantastic set they had just put on, and a dedication to our love affair.

I will revisit our relationship every time they come back to town.

Plants and Animals – Bye Bye Bye

Plants and Animals – New Kind Of Love

Singles Worth Checking Out

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Although I’m more of an album lover, here are some excellent singles (from 2009 upcoming releases) that I’ve been listening to:

Suckers – Easy Chairs

Foreign Born – Vacationing People

St. Vincent – Strangers

Dum Dum Girls – Baby Don\'t Go (????)

Crocodiles – Neon Jesus

Phoenix – 1901

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Statues

Black Gold – Shine

Palomar – Alone

Limousines – Very Busy People

Fake Male Voice – OMG!!!FMV!!!

Winter Gloves – Let Me Drive

Project Jenny, Project Jan – Pins and Needles

Blind Man\'s Colour – Waterfall Freedom

Antlers – Kettering

Thermals – Now We Can See

Phone Tag – I\'ve Got Your Number (Passion Pit Cover)

Richard Swift – Lady Luck

Emil & Friends – Sleepyhead (Passion Pit Cover)

Friend – Secret (Air France Cover)

Cryptacize – Blue Tears

Alela Diane – White As Diamonds

Bodies of Water – Dear Boy

The Watchmen Review – Spoiler Alert

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watchmen-coverFanboy geekdom to the fullest was going on last night in theaters everywhere and then there was me. Now I never read the graphic novel, but I did go with someone who did. They enjoyed the movie and said they probably would have thought it was even better had he not read the graphic novel. I on the other hand, had a different take. 

Let me begin with saying I was not a huge fan of 300. I thought the movie’s acting never lived up to it’s cinematic hype. At first I thought, perhaps I’m asking for too much – visually mind-blowing with great acting? 

Here’s the list of what I did not like about this movie:

1. Too long! First off, this definitely says something about the pace of the movie because The Departed was just as long of a movie, and not for one moment did I think that movie was too long. Some parts of The Watchmen just seemed to crawl. I believe a lot of it had to do with an over-indulgence in a teenage fanboy’s fantasy of the world of the Watchmen. A friend stated after the movie that it seemed like it would have been better as a TV series and not a movie, and I couldn’t have agreed more.

2. Uh what was up with that soft core porn in the middle of the movie? I mean maybe this will get people all hot and bothered in a good way, but the sex scene between Dan and Laurie is just too long. Maybe I was supposed to be pulled in, and feel the strong connection between these two old friends but instead it felt awkward and unnecessary. It felt like a self-indulgent sexual fantasy of a Watchmen obsessive to the fullest. Also, “Hallelujah” really?! Putting that song over this sex scene I think made almost everyone in the theater uncomfortable. I should have expected this after seeing 300 and taking into account the sex scenes in that movie. 

3. The music! Oh god the music! The amount of money they must have spent to get the rights on the music, I can’t even begin to imagine. I thought we were in a recession, I mean damn. Anyway, I wanted to believe the choice of music was based on the time periods and I took this as a way to justify the poor music choices. But still, the music in a movie is suppose to set the mood and pull you into the movie, not completely disconnect you from the scene. That was exactly what the music did in this movie. Almost every time a song played, I was immediately jolted out of the scene and became an observer. I don’t understand the choice of iconic songs, considering the trailers had music much better suited for the style of cinematography.

4. The acting was sub-par. I also should have expected this from director Zack Snyder after seeing 300. The sex scenes are uncomfortable and the amputations comical. I can only attribute this to the lack of acting or perhaps the over acting in these movies. Silk Spectre II was completely lifeless for me, her emotional fragility was interpreted as weakness due to the absence of good dialogue that should have given a story substance but instead butchered the plot. I couldn’t help thinking that Natalie Portman would have made that character more believable, but the lack of good dialogue probably would have made it tough on anyone.

Essentially the first 20 minutes of The Watchmen were good. The rest of the movie is spent trying to live up to those beginning scenes. I’m not sure I get the “Visionary Director” title said about Zack Snyder so often. Slow motion fight scenes and other worldly, computer generated landscapes seem more masturbatory than visionary. I give props to Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan but that’s about as far as it goes. Quite simply, I left the movie not giving a shit about a single character.

As a side note: Best part about the movie was when someone just yelled “PANTS!” when Dr. Manhattan was on screen and naked for the 546889838 time.