Dear Science


Click to BuyThe last blog I started (mainly music based), for myself and not for work, was about two years ago right when Return to Cookie Mountain came out. Therefore, it only seems appropriate that I would start another one right around the time TV On The Radio decides to drop another new album, Dear Science. Now maybe my review will be a little biased as I’m a pretty avid TVOTR fan, but I gotta say this album is pretty kick ass in a subtle way. As my friend, Vadim, and I were discussing it earlier today we realized the guitar stylings make this album. You see when you listen to Dear Science, you immediately know its TVOTR but something’s just a little different, and its totally the guitars. Dear Science is meant to be listened to in its entirety. Unlike their previous records, I don’t feel like there are any major stand outs on this album like “Wolf Like Me” and “Staring at the Sun,” instead this album feels like a whole thats needs to be listened to chronologically from start to finish. If any of the songs were considered stand outs, I’d have to say its their first single “Golden Age” and as Vadim suggested “Love Dog”. But my thing with “Love Dog” on this album is that its the song that most sounds like their old stuff. I’m also a fan of “Shout Me Out” and “DLZ” but I’ve listened to this album about 7 times and every time I could only listen to it in its entirety. So to me Dear Science is definitely a full album experience. I’m not really a big lyrics person, but none of the lyrics on this album have hit me as much as “Province” from their last album. Anyway, if I decide to write any concert reviews on here they’ll mostly be from the Philadelphia area, so I feel it only makes sense for me to say that TV On The Radio is coming to Electric Factory on October 10th. Since I’ve never seen them live, I’m pretty hyped about this show. I hear they’re great live!


~ by sleeplesscience on September 28, 2008.

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