Indian Jewelry @ The Marvelous


© 2008 Michael Alan Goldberg

© 2008 Michael Alan Goldberg

So I have to post about the show I saw at The Marvelous in West Philly on Sept. 18th. A friend of mine had mentioned Indian Jewelry to me and I had never heard of them before. I really dug Invasive Exotics and still had yet to get my hands on Free Gold! Now if you’ve listened to either of these albums they’re fully tweaked. The first thing I thought was this could be amazing live or a train wreck, luckily it was the former. I mean the albums have songs where its just noise, screeching and droning sometimes and not in that My Bloody Valentine kind of way. I’ve been on this kick lately of really enjoying psychedelic rock live, like the Black Angels and now Indian Jewelry. There’s this sonic boom to the beat of the drums and bass in these bands that just pulsates through your entire body. Indian Jewelry is fantastic live, they majorly clean up their songs. This band is made to be a live act, not an in studio one. I also love the fact that there’s a chick (pictured top right) that absolutely drives Indian Jewelry. She plays everything as well as sings, you can tell she’s the heart and soul of this band. The show was so good I wanted to hear them play all night, and that doesn’t always happen. Getting that feeling from a band is one of the best, I tend to get it when I see Wolf Parade live.  I couldn’t have asked for a better setting either, a small record store standing in between stands of CDs with about 30 people in the room. They made me feel like I was still at a legit concert, which it was but could have been super awkward if they were bad. Tickley Feather went on before them and I thought it was absolutely awful. I don’t get her local hype, it’s a girl with a casio and a weird voice, not even good. I think most kids with casios do what she does when they’re home drunk having a good time with their friends. Music like that always makes me think that the person is playing a huge joke on everyone. I’m going to make the most ridiculous, awful music and see how many hipsters I can get into being a fan. Right? Anyway, back to the fact that Indian Jewelry kicked ass and I would pay to see them again anytime. “Lesser Snake” and “PowWow” off Invasive Exotics and “Hello Africa” off of Free Gold! are probably the closest you can get to their live sound on their albums but still not nearly as good. These guys really bring it live, and thats always refreshing.


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