Saint Dymphna




I got my hands on the new Gang Gang Dance album, Saint Dymphna and its sick! I’ve always been a little intrigued by Gang Gang Dance ever since I saw them live almost 3 years ago opening up for Man Man. It wasn’t their musicality that peaked my interest, it was more the fact that they sounded totally tweaked and people were really into it. They had beats, I’ll give them that but then there were these crazy fake laser gun kind of noises and a female vocalist that sounds more like an animal than a human, almost like a monkey. Combine tribal beats with a gorilla sounding lead singer and suddenly you feel like you’re in the Amazon. Their last album, God’s Money, has lyrics but I couldn’t hear any intelligible words coming from the lead singer when she got on stage. Then they release “House Jam as the first single off of Saint Dymphna and I’m shocked. It’s really good, totally danceable, and I can decipher the words! Amazing! Seems like Gang Gang Dance took a cue from their best track (imo) off God’s Money, “God’s Money V,” and ran with it. Saint Dymphna is a little less pure noise and little more noise into structured beats. “Afoot” and “Desert Storm” are still a little too weird for me to take seriously, but the rest of the album feels like such a huge maturation from their last. 

Favorite Tracks: Princes was another unexpected gem on this album. As soon as I heard it, it reminded me of this genre of music from the UK called Garage, pronounced Ger-rej, that was emerging and huge in late 90’s and 2000, which is actually pretty similar to London’s Grime genre that’s really big over there right now. I first learned of Garage during a trip over to Europe where a London boy said to me, “Garage music is really huge right now” and I was all like “you mean GARAAAGE” all dumb and American like. London’s Garage is very different from America’s garage band music. I learned of Grime last year, as my cousin was obsessed with youtube and came across London’s Grime music via random youtube videos. But I was totally right, the artist featured on “Princes” is a Grime MC from the UK! Holllaaa! You lookin’ mad young Tinchy Stryder, mad young. 

Besides the sexy “House Jam,” the other track I’m digging hard is “Blue Nile.” I like its consistent driving beat, with the chant and echo vocals. Nice Gang Gang Dance, NICE!


~ by sleeplesscience on October 3, 2008.

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