The World of Fever Ray

Fever Ray – Fever Ray


Fever Ray is the self-titled debut of The Knife’s Karin Dreijer Andersson. In my opinion, behind Animal Collective’s MPP, it is sure to go down as one of the best records of 2009.

Since I am more of an affective listener, I do not pay a lot of attention to the lyrics or the technical aspects of the record; instead, as the record plays, I come to a standstill and lay upon the hibernating world, slowly inhaling and exhaling–my lungs gently breathing in and out the cold whispering air. A hypnotic and repetitive synth beat stirs into a boundless loop as a disfigured voice declares “This will never end cause I want more / More, give me more, give me more”. A deep, droning base line resonates like the ebb and flow of brooding waves as I am transported to a Godless world composed of an endless oceanic swirl of melancholic affects and sensual desires. As the the smoke lingers slowly in the cold air of the abyss, bodies begin to dissolve into a rhythmic dance of dark shades and tones. The disembodied voice–blurring the lines between the masculine and feminine, the human and inhuman–reaches out beyond to the dark territories of imperceptibility. This is the world of Fever Ray. 

Ultimately, Fever Ray is an album heavy on repetitive, synthetic tribal beats that along with Andersson’s filtered inhuman voice, creates a dark underworld of primitive melancholy and sensuality.

Here is a crazy video of the beautiful opening track:


~ by glowingwabbit on March 5, 2009.

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