My Love Affair with Plants & Animals

Plants and Animals - JB's 2/2/09

A quiet Monday night after a huge snowstorm hit the Northeast, I walked into the cozy and familiar territory of Johnny Brenda’s to see Montreal based band Plants and Animals. I don’t think I could have asked for a more perfect Monday night show. On Monday, March 2nd I went through all the emotions of love and heartache with Plants and Animals. Let me first say that their album Parc Avenue, as much as I love this album, does not do justice to their live act. I still highly recommend it and suggest listening to it from beginning to end over and over again.

As they began, an excitement overcame me. Warren Spicer’s voice blew me away. It was the beginning of our relationship, the new and exciting part of getting to know someone and realizing how truly fantastic they are. I fell in love during the appropriately named “New Kind Of Love.” The quality of Spicer’s voice is so lush that it carries you through the evening, like the arms of your lover wrapping around you and holding you tight.

During “Faerie Dance” and “Feedback in the Field” I knew I never wanted to see them go. The show was so intimate, it felt as though they were playing in my living room or bedroom for me and only me. I’ve stated this before, but whenever I see a band play and realize I never want the show to end it means they’re amazing in my eyes. Plants and Animals captured my heart and I didn’t want them to ever let go.

As they sang “Bye Bye Bye,” the song that got me interested in them, I knew our relationship was coming to an end. We had to part ways soon, our whirlwind romance was over. The encore was “Guru/Sinnerman” and what a fantastic way to end the evening, even though it meant they had to break my heart by ending the show. It was a 12-minute encore that celebrated the fantastic set they had just put on, and a dedication to our love affair.

I will revisit our relationship every time they come back to town.

Plants and Animals – Bye Bye Bye

Plants and Animals – New Kind Of Love


~ by sleeplesscience on March 24, 2009.

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